If Allah Wills – Arabic

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Sometimes I think Muslims are afraid of Christians and what they believe. Indeed, it is not so comfortable to hear others speak about things that are contrary to our tightly held beliefs, and this applies to us all.

We can all agree that truth is paramount. We do not want to be duped, especially when heaven or hell is at stake.

“”Is what I believe true?”” is a question that mature and secure people will ask. After all, the Day of Judgment is coming.

My credentials are simply that I have read what I could, talked with whom I could, thought through what l learned, and struggled to write this piece. I have my college and seminary degrees, I have been a pastor for over forty-five years, and I have written prolifically on a wide variety of subjects.

If Allah Wills is dedicated to my Muslim friends, neighbors, and all seekers after the Creator who has made us all in His image and loves us with an everlasting love.

— Kent Philpott

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