Living in the Kingdom of God


Too many Christians live as if the Bible doesn’t mean anything in their daily lives. They are saved, but they have never been taught how the Word of God can be used as a guide for their lives.

Maybe you are one of these people? Perhaps you experience defeat, feel shame and guilt, are uncertain, and live far below your potential.

In this devotional, I will show you how you can use the Word of God as your guide to an abundant life, a life of love, joy, and peace.

Every human being experiences hardships, problems, sickness, and sorrow. However, as Christians we have a Comforter, a Healer, and a Helper who will guide us through this life – not only so we survive, but so we thrive and live good lives – not because of the evil things that we encounter, but in spite of what comes against us.

I pray and hope that you, through reading this book, will grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ and the life God has prepared for you.

God bless you!

— Anne Hove Sunnarvik